Monday, September 18, 2017

TMT Represented in Texas!

The Texas State Road Race Championship was this past weekend, and the Trek Midwest Texas-affiliate team of one displayed the team colors proudly capturing the State title in the Men's 55+ (a guy from CA won the race, but he isn't a Texan, and since I finished second and was the top Texan, I get to wear the State Champ jersey!). 

Not quite the same without my TMT tenderizer-teammates, but happy to represent!  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

And It is not All Fun and Games

Believe it or not, a Riley Life Coaching training plan is not all about eating and dancing! It does actually involve some intense riding and serious recovery (at least she moved her wine glass out of the picture!).  Amanda re-building her legs after working everyone over.

A Happy Riley Life Coaching Client

Another happy Riley Life Coaching client! Diane showing her happiness for being accepted into the exclusive Riley Life Coaching family.

Yes, you too may one day have such a life-changing opportunity!

Training Advice

After viewing our very own Riley Life Coaching web site (see earlier post - a must see), several of us signed on to the training side of his life coaching business, and we followed his advice religiously for our first training day with him here in South Carolina.

After riding for maybe 10 minutes at a super easy pace, he recommended we refuel (see picture below), and then after refueling suggested that we call someone to come pick us. As you can see from our happy faces, Day 1 of our Riley Life Coaching training plan was a success. We are expecting lots of podiums in the near future!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Training Camp Time

A group of us (Barney, Mike, Diane, Amanda, John, Margaret, and Eric) are out in South Carolina for a week of riding in the sun and hills (down the street from George Hincapie's Domestique 17 Hotel). Hopefully the weather back home is cold and rainy! :)

Life in a Rut? Here is THE Solution!

Not many people know (yet), but we do have someone on our team who is very special, and he has a gift for helping others.

See to learn more.