Wednesday, March 22, 2017

And It is not All Fun and Games

Believe it or not, a Riley Life Coaching training plan is not all about eating and dancing! It does actually involve some intense riding and serious recovery (at least she moved her wine glass out of the picture!).  Amanda re-building her legs after working everyone over.

A Happy Riley Life Coaching Client

Another happy Riley Life Coaching client! Diane showing her happiness for being accepted into the exclusive Riley Life Coaching family.

Yes, you too may one day have such a life-changing opportunity!

Training Advice

After viewing our very own Riley Life Coaching web site (see earlier post - a must see), several of us signed on to the training side of his life coaching business, and we followed his advice religiously for our first training day with him here in South Carolina.

After riding for maybe 10 minutes at a super easy pace, he recommended we refuel (see picture below), and then after refueling suggested that we call someone to come pick us. As you can see from our happy faces, Day 1 of our Riley Life Coaching training plan was a success. We are expecting lots of podiums in the near future!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Training Camp Time

A group of us (Barney, Mike, Diane, Amanda, John, Margaret, and Eric) are out in South Carolina for a week of riding in the sun and hills (down the street from George Hincapie's Domestique 17 Hotel). Hopefully the weather back home is cold and rainy! :)

Life in a Rut? Here is THE Solution!

Not many people know (yet), but we do have someone on our team who is very special, and he has a gift for helping others.

See to learn more.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Iceman Cometh 2016

Iceman is always one of those races that can be absolutely terrible or the best day ever. It is November in Northern Michigan after all. Anything is possible. I went in with podium dreams based on what I knew from last years race but I was in for a big surprise. The weather this year had been beautiful so the course was as dry as it had ever been and as fast as it had ever been. This would not play into my favor. I would much prefer the weather to be terrible and the course to be hard. I ended up finishing in 1:50:45 which was 12 minutes faster than my previous attempt but the winner was 1:33! Crazy fast for a fatbike. You can see the ride here;

Looking forward to some more cyclocross with the Battle Of Waterloo this weekend and the ultimate goal of state champs!

Rich Weis and his Old Man Winter mask

Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 Cyclocross

Here is my little recap of 2016 so far and whats to come. It is hard to believe we are 6 weeks into cyclocross season already! It has been fun but also been a challenge. I sacrificed my early season at some of the biggest races that the US has seen to gain some experience working in the pits for none other than Katie Compton. It was very rewarding, very challenging, and also very tiring. Who knew that taking 12000 steps on race day makes things not go well! The results are starting to improve and in the end what really matters, winning a state title, is yet to come. This weekend is the Sun Prairie Cup and Celtic Cross races which are two of my favorites. See you out there!

-Josh McKinney
Catching Katies bike at Jingle Cross
The logs run up at Trek CXC Cup

Giving Katies bike a wash at Jingle Cross

Playing in the mud Friday night at Jingle Cross

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Green Mt Stage Race Recap

Now a month removed from the Green Mt Stage Race, our minds and bodies have recovered enough (not from the racing so much, but all the great Vermont beer drinking!) to post a brief race recap!

Mike and Eric were making their 4th appearance in a row at the stage race, and Heavy G (Greg) was "convinced" to join us.  And by convinced, it means we were all together at a party, Mike and Eric got Greg a bit drunk, and next thing you know we have a laptop out (not what you expected to hear - and who doesn't have a laptop at a party!) and he is registering on-line for the race. He claimed the next day he had no idea what happened!  We also were lucky to have our 1-person cheering squad, Diane, along for the fun. 

The race consists of an uphill 10k time trial, a circuit race, a road race (with a ski mountain finish with gradients up to 20%!), and a downtown Burlington, 6-corner crit. We were putting all our money on Mike given he had been tearing up the WCA road scene! 

With 51 guys starting, Mike was well placed after the time trial, sitting in 7th, with the top couple places going to a former Canadian masters time trial champ and a former pro hockey player turned bike racer). Next up, the circuit race, which was a relatively rolling course with one KoM each lap. On the first lap we went for the KoM with Eric leading Mike out, and he just missed out on taking the max points as someone came around him at the line. Shortly after the KoM, the attacks started coming fast and furious, and unfortunately we missed the move that stuck, with a group of 7 getting away, and then a field sprint finish for the rest of us. Heading into the road race, Greg was worried about a time cut given his VT-beer diet did not help get him down to his climbing weight (but he made it "no problem")!  The course has two major climbs, one about half way in and the other at the finish. For some reason, both Mike and Eric struggled on the first climb and were dropped by the leading group. They did manage to work with a few others to chase and get back to the group not far from the start of the final climb. And then the fun starts as the climb is about 10k of mostly climbing, again with a finish at 20%! Mike had a good finish and took 8th on the day, while Eric and Greg were glad when it was over! (And Diane, just for fun, ran up the back side of the climb to watch the finish!)  On the final day, the crit ended with a field sprint, and Mike held on to a top ten overall finish, taking 8th place on GC after 4 tough stages.

So how does one spend recovery time during a stage race you might ask, take some advice from some experienced racers: (1) by laying together in bed watching the Vuelta (it was tough to keep Greg from wearing his PJs!); and (2) by making award-winning documentaries (see Oh, and did we mention drinking VT beer (I think we spent more time picking up local beer than racing!).

A final word of advice, do not let Mike and Eric invite you to a party the weekend before the stage race (unless you want to find out you are now registered!).